Easy switch from sit to nap (one hand operation)
Adjustable arm for easy parental access
Baby-activated electronic toy with 9 different tunes
Adorable pals - rattling snail and flowery mirror
3 different reclining positions with soft fabrics for a cozy environment
Calming vibrations felt throughout seat
  • Rocker easily converts from seat to comfy napper
  • Soothing movements rock your baby at all 3 reclining positions
  • Flat pad with raised borders offers a safe & cozy napper environment
  • Cute musical toy hangs off the Rocker's adjustable arm
0-12 months
  • EQ
  • Senses

3-in-1 Rocker Napper

An innovative rocker and napper that features a one hand switch from sit to nap
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1-3 months

Quiet time alone is very important to baby's development. Let your baby enjoy the gentle rocking movement of the 3-in-1 Rocker Napper while playing with the rattling snail and flowery mirror.

3-6 months

Move the Rocker Napper's hanging electronic toy to the appropriate distance from baby's palm, so that when he raises his hand he can hit the toy or, later, grasp it with ease.

0-6 months

If your baby suffers from reflux, the middle reclining position is ideal and may help her digest more easily.


Rocker Napper's versatile seat offers 3 reclining positions. The middle position can help babies who suffer from reflux digest with ease.


Seated position allows baby to enjoy playing with electronic toy that plays a selection of 9 tunes suited for play or rest.


Excellent angle for feeding babies.


Flat pad (180°) with raised borders makes for a cozy napping environment.

The Rocker Napper features gentle rocking movements and vibrations that can help soothe baby and develop body sensation and control. Parents can control the level of stimulation by activating or deactivating the product’s various features. 


Reducing Stimulation

If your baby seems uncomfortable or restless, try reducing the level of stimulation and examine baby’s reaction. Let baby enjoy the hanging overhead toys without the music & lights feature or the vibrations and gradually try introducing the additional features.  

Increasing Stimulation

If your baby seems uninterested or bored, increase the level of stimulation while monitoring baby’s reaction. Rock the Rocker back and forth, add the vibrations and draw baby’s attention to the dangling toys.  

Did you know?

Some babies love vibrations while others don’t. When you first use this feature, monitor baby’s reaction to establish which it is. 

Please download PDF file to view detailed product instructions.

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Review by Ankit
Posted on 8/6/13
If I won the happy napper, I would be extremely grateful as I have my 2nd precious son due in July. His older brother is still a toddler and this would be great to make sure my baby was napping safely while I'm watching my "big" boy.
Review by Christine
Posted on 1/16/13
I love my 3 in 1 napper. I've used it since I brought my baby boy home from the hospital. It's perfect for them to sleep in next to the bed. The only 2 things I don't like is how the music goes off by itself. I wish there was a button to keep it on and the motor for the vibration is really loud so I do t use it. Other than those things I love it!

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