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A delicious fruit-shaped engaging developmental toy
  • Fun & colorful toy that encourages baby's development
  • Helps hone cognition and fine motor skills
  • Flexible ring easily attaches to various pieces of baby gear, making this a wonderful on the go toy
3-12 months
  • Cognition
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Cognition

Fruity Pals - Anna Banana

3-5 months

Hang Anna Banana facing your baby, so that she can reach it with her hands, bat at it and grasp its arms and legs.

5+ months

Play peek-a-boo games: peel the banana to reveal its smiley face, and close the banana to hide it.

9+ months

Show your baby the different parts of the Anna Banana: its face, eyes, nose and so forth, naming each part as you go along.


Hang the toy with the adjoining clip on your baby's stroller.


Hang it on your baby's carrier to amuse him on the go.


Finally, hang the Fruity Pal on your baby's crib for some quality playtime after a nap.

Baby discovers the world through her hands and mouth during her first year. The textures, sounds, colors and surprises in Anna Banana provide rich sensory and motor stimulation that encourage baby to explore and develop her cognition.

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