Tips and Ideas for Baby's Bedtime Routines

Bedtime Routine
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    Bedtime Tips for Parents

    1. Getting Active – Before you start your bedtime routine, make sure baby has enjoyed some activity (after she is 3-months-old). Make sure she lets off some steam by perfecting those creeping-crawling-walking skills.  
    2. Taking A Relaxing Bath – One of the best queues for bedtime is bath-time. Warm relaxing water and a sweet smelling baby ready for bed once you’re done – what more could a mother ask for?  
    3. Saying Goodnight – Extend the goodnight blessing to favorite objects: a teddy bear or bunny; a mobile or other dangling toy; the moon and the stars; the house and the room; etc.   
    4. Lullabies, Bedtime Stories and Bedtime Apps – Choose your favorite song, book or bedtime app and use it as part of your bedtime routine. This will serve as a queue that will help baby prepare himself for bed. Stick to a specific, recognizable choice that your baby will associate with sleep.

  • Baby Lullabies

    Bedtime Recommendations

    • Spotlighted Bedtime Story: “Goodnight Moon” – this classic book, first published in 1947, is still a favorite with parents and babies, and rightly so.
    • Spotlighted Lullaby: All the Pretty Little Horses – a sweet, popular melody with soothing, positive lyrics. For more lullabies try
    • Spotlighted App: White Noise – white noise is known to help both babies and adults fall asleep. When your baby mobile is out of reach, try this White Noise app by TMSoft.

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