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    How can I contact Tiny Love?

    You are welcome to contact Tiny Love through our Contact Us form. Alternatively, you can take a look at our Worldwide Distributors list to find Tiny Love’s representative in your country.  

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    Where can I buy Tiny Love products?

    Tiny Love’s products are available worldwide and are sold by local distributors in over 50 countries both offline and online. Take a quick look at our Worldwide Distributors list to find out who is your local distributor.

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    What do I do if my Tiny Love product is not working properly?

    You are welcome to contact us directly through our site with any problem via our Contact Us form. The best way of dealing with a malfunctioning product is taking it back to the shop where you bought it. The shop will contact the local distributor to make sure your product is fixed or replaced.

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    What safety measures do you use when creating and manufacturing your products?

    We employ rigorous safety measures in product manufacturing to ensure that all our products are safe for your baby. To read about our product testing and all about the safety requirements our products comply with, read our short Quality & Safety article. 

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    I want to know more about baby development. Can you suggest any resources?

    Tiny Love is an expert in baby development and has created the unique 7 Elements system, which it employs to create products that help encourage baby’s development. To learn about baby’s cognition, emotional intelligence, motor skills, imagination & creativity, senses and the development of language & communication, enter our 7 Elements page and focus on the content relevant to your baby’s age and stage. 

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    Where can I learn more about the Tiny Love brand?

    Our About Us section offers detailed information about the Tiny Love brand: how it started, company philosophy, corporate ethics, product safety, awards and more. Click here to view these articles and learn more about us. 

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    How do I get this product to work?

    All our electronic products come with detailed instructions. You can access and download these instructions online under the Instructions tab on our various product pages. Note that some products have detailed video instructions. 

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    How do I use your products?

    We at Tiny Love do our best to help you understand the products we make and enjoy them to the maximum with your child. To attain this goal, we offer a selection of how to use tips for each product and professional guidance that can help you adapt the use of the product to your child’s unique temperament. Just take a look at our How to Use and Your Baby tabs on our various product pages to learn more.  

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    How can I subscribe to receive the Tiny Time Magazine?

    To receive the Tiny Time Magazine (Tiny Love’s quarterly online magazine), which offers parents in-depth reviews of key baby-related topics, just sign up to our newsletter on our home page and join the ever-growing list of subscribers.

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    How do I know which of your products are new to the collection?

    We distinguish the latest additions to our collection with a clear “New” label, which will help you tell which products are new. Also, we make a point of adding our newest creations to the top of each category to make sure no one misses out on them.