Playful mirror with satin tags
Satin ribbon
Rattling soft ball
Fun peek-a-boo pocket
Adorable teether
Crinkly hide ‘n seek game
  • Versatile product that reinvents itself with every play session.
  • Colorful and contrasting color scheme and features are appropriate from birth and well into toddlerhood.
  • Unique structure and fun, moveable toys allow for numerous play options.
  • Appeals to baby’s developing imagination and demonstrates the idea of versatility and change.
0-18+ months
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Imagination & Creativity

Flexi Play™

Innovative multi-stage baby product that introduces a whole new world of play time
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0-2 months

Newborns like to be in small areas with clearly defined borders. Make a soft ring out of the Flexi Play and place your baby in the center. The cozy feel along with the cute illustrations and contrasting colors will stimulate your baby’s senses in a soothing setting.

3-5 months

Use the Flexi Play to help baby develop her gross motor skills while on her back or tummy. To help extend tummy time, position Flexi Play in a half ring and place your baby on her tummy in front of the mirror. To encourage grasping skills, place baby on her back under one of the dangling toys and encourage her to reach out and touch the toy.

5+ months

Play with the Flexi Play’s various possibilities, creating a tunnel for baby to crawl through, a bridge to go under and more.

How to Use Video

Watch our detailed How to Use video in the photo carousel to get a better idea about the numerous play options the Flexi Play comprises: Overhead Bridge, Classic Activity Center, Play Arch Position and more.

The Flexi Play’s flexibility and versatile nature comprises numerous play options and positions. Every baby has a different kind of response and a unique sensory threshold. Monitor baby’s reactions to the product and adjust the play options accordingly.

Reducing Stimulation

If your baby seems uncomfortable or restless, the changes in the product might be too much for him. Leave the product in the position baby is used to and gradually introduce new options to extend baby’s sensory scope.

Increasing Stimulation

If baby seems bored or uninterested, increase the number of toys and introduce baby to the new options and positions, drawing his attentions to the product’s fun features.

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