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Hang up this cutesy frog prince for baby's enjoyment
  • Charming frog prince clip-toy with an all-smiles expression.
  • Engaging features, such as crinkly ears and jittery legs.
0-12 months
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Senses

Frankie Frog

2-4 months

Baby spends much time watching the toy dangling above her, randomly reaching out with her hand, batting at the toy, causing it to swing and make pleasing sounds – a captivating effect that encourages her to try again.

0-2 months

Baby enjoys the soft, delicate sounds stimulating her sense of sight and hearing.


Use the clip to hang Frankie Frog on your baby's car seat.


Hang it on baby's stroller as an on the go toy.


Place it in baby's crib for fun and play indoors.

Frankie Frog is small enough to take anywhere, giving your baby a sense of security and continuity everywhere you go. Our on the go pals also encourage babies to use their fingers and hands in a variety of ways, helping enhance their fine motor skills.  

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