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A world of developmental fun filled with wonder and amusement
  • Unique tap & play stand-alone monkey with sound and light effects
  • Collapsible arches for dual play option: tummy-time/overhead play
  • Hanging toys can be moved and rearranged by hooking them to the arches' rings
0-12 months
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Senses

Gymini® Monkey Island

1-3 months

Some babies feel comfortable with this activity gym right from the very start, while others prefer a small, more enclosed place, such as a cradle. It’s possible that your baby will not show signs of interest in the gym until the third month.

2-4 months

Gymini® Monkey Island can be positioned in a mode especially designed for tummy time - so it encourages your baby to practice raising her head and neck. Connect the arches in their lower position, and place the pillow, monkey and mirror so that your baby is stimulated and intrigued.




Tap and play

Moderate the level of stimulation offered by the Gymini Monkey Island by moderating the number of toys in baby’s field of vision or activating the monkey’s music & lights feature. You can stimulate baby’s body sensation and control by placing her on her tummy with or without the tummy pillow. 

Reducing Stimulation

If your baby seems uncomfortable (crying, averting her gaze, etc) reduce the level of stimulation. Leave only one toy in her field of vision or deactivate the monkey’s lights & music feature. Stay beside baby and stroke her gently until she is soothed.

Increasing Stimulation

If your baby seems uninterested or bored, he might need more stimulation. Try adding more toys, activating the monkey’s light & music feature and changing the positions of the toys every so often. Position the toys within baby’s reach so that he can hit them and, later on, reach out and grab them with ease. Gradually, reduce the level of stimulation to help baby focus.

Stimulating Body Sensation & Control

To stimulate baby’s body sensation and control, place baby on her tummy. Position the lights & music monkey toy in front of her and activate it or allow her to see her reflection in the mirror. Monitor baby’s reactions to see which features she enjoys and which she could do without. 

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