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In Focus: Sleep Like a Baby

All About Baby's Sleep

The issue of babies’ sleep is no small challenge for many parents. There are so many different theories and expert points of view - choosing between them isn't easy. What most parents really want is to find a way to help their little one make an easy shift from wakefulness to sweet slumber. The best way to try and do just that lies in knowing more about your baby’s sleep. Read through this page and visit our Tiny Time Magazine Sleep Like a Baby issue for a wealth of interesting facts, fun insights and useful tips about baby's sleep.

Help Baby Go to Sleep:

Get Active: Before your bedtime routine, make sure baby has enjoyed some activity while perfecting those creeping-crawling-walking skills.


Take a Relaxing Bath: One of the best for bedtime is bathtime. An excellent way to wind down. 


Say Goodnight: Extend the goodnight blessing to favorite objects and toys, helping baby understand it’s time to sleep.


Darkness: Make sure the room is nice and dark to help regulate baby’s production of the sleep hormone (melatonin).


Let Baby Nap: Trying to cut down on naps might actually make baby more restless at bedtime instead of more sleepy.


Lullabies and Bedtime Stories: Choose a favorite song or book and use it as part of your bedtime routine to help baby prepare for bed.

Baby Music and Sleep: Expert Video

Getting your baby to sleep can be difficult, but using music as a cue that helps your baby make the transition from daytime to bedtime can be a great help. Watch our expert video to learn more.

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