Flexible angle adjustment
Musical hippo
  • Baby-activated tap and play musical toys
  • Easy attachment clips and angle adjustment
0-12 months
  • Cognition
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Senses

Musical Take-Along Arch™ - Hippo

Baby-activated arch that enhances infant development
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1-2 months

Make sure that the toys are suspended at the optimal distance for baby's limited eyesight: approximately 10 inches (25 cm), from your baby's eyes.

2-4 months

Baby will only be able to extend her hand forward, without crossing midline. At this stage, the toy in the middle is for visual stimulation only.

4-8 months

Your baby will be ready to grasp the toys. Make sure that the toys are within her reach, and allow her to bring them to her mouth for further exploration.

Easily fits strollers or baby carriers

The flexibility of the Musical Take-Along Arch allows you to moderate the level of stimulation offered by simply adjusting the stimuli within baby’s field of vision and reach. 

Reducing Stimulation

If your baby seems restless or uncomfortable (crying, fussing or averting his gaze), remove some of the dangling toys, leaving only one.

Increasing Stimulation

If your baby seems bored or uninterested, activate the musical toy to draw his attention. Adjust the arch so that the toys are within baby’s reach. Baby will be able to hit the toys with his hands and, later on, grab them with ease. To keep him interested, change the position of the toys.

Did you know?

Touching different textures helps baby develop various abilities. It offers tactile stimulation and helps develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

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