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7 Elements - Baby Development

Take a look at the 7 Elements System Tiny Love's step-by-step baby development guide

  •   Cognition
    The mental process through which we understand the world around us; learning, remembering, drawing conclusions and more.
  •   EQ
    The social and emotional skills that make up our character and enable us to function and interact with others.
  •   Fine Motor Skills
    Developing the body’s small muscles enables baby to grasp objects, perfect hand-eye coordination, speak and more.
    Fine Motor Skills
  •   Gross Motor Skills
    Developing the body’s large muscles facilitates head lifting, rolling over, crawling, sitting, walking and more.
    Gross Motor Skills
  •   Imagination & Creativity
    The skills that allow us to produce images, ideas, thoughts and even feelings that do not exist in reality and account for our ability to improvise and solve problems.
    Imagination & Creativity
  •   Language & Communication
    The ability to communicate thoughts and emotions both verbally and non-verbally, sharing our world with others.
    Language & Communication
  •   Senses
    Sight, sound, touch, smell and taste enable us to gather and process information from the world around us

Senses, 6-9m

Baby distinguishing between shapes

The Benefits of Fully Matured Senses: Enjoying the World

Your baby’s senses have now more or less matured and through these mature senses, she enjoys full and rich insight into the little-known world around her. It's time to help her explore and learn to make the finer distinctions between similar things.


In the visual realm, your baby is learning to distinguish between shapes, colors and sizes.


In the auditory realm, she distinguishes between different tones and sounds, such as volume and the difference between a piano and a trumpet. Dancing together to the beat of your favorite music, emphasizes the beat itself and introduces her to the link between beat and movement .

Taste and Smell

As you add solids to her diet, you add a new dimension of tastes and smells to her ever-expanding sensory world. When you prepare meals, draw her attention to the aroma of the food you are preparing.

Tiny Tips

  • To help develop your baby’s attention to details, look at a picture with him. First, show him the whole picture and then start focusing on the details.
  • Share your pleasures and joys with your baby – your favorite tune, the scent of a rose or a beautiful sunset. This reinforces the idea that our world is enjoyable and is there for everyone to see, taste, smell and touch.
  • Encourage your baby to touch his world by offering him a wide variety of toys of different shapes, textures and materials, which he can rattle or crumple.


  • Basic maturation of the senses is completed.
  • Distinguishes between different sounds, such as the piano and the trumpet.
  • Recognizes the sound of her name, and turns her head when her name is called.
  • By the ninth month, baby has completed the learning process for locating the source of sounds she hears.