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7 Elements - Baby Development

Take a look at the 7 Elements System Tiny Love's step-by-step baby development guide

  •   Cognition
    The mental process through which we understand the world around us; learning, remembering, drawing conclusions and more.
  •   EQ
    The social and emotional skills that make up our character and enable us to function and interact with others.
  •   Fine Motor Skills
    Developing the body’s small muscles enables baby to grasp objects, perfect hand-eye coordination, speak and more.
    Fine Motor Skills
  •   Gross Motor Skills
    Developing the body’s large muscles facilitates head lifting, rolling over, crawling, sitting, walking and more.
    Gross Motor Skills
  •   Imagination & Creativity
    The skills that allow us to produce images, ideas, thoughts and even feelings that do not exist in reality and account for our ability to improvise and solve problems.
    Imagination & Creativity
  •   Language & Communication
    The ability to communicate thoughts and emotions both verbally and non-verbally, sharing our world with others.
    Language & Communication
  •   Senses
    Sight, sound, touch, smell and taste enable us to gather and process information from the world around us

Imagination & Creativity, 3-6m

First Stepping Stones to Differentiation and Imagination

First Stepping Stones to Differentiation and Imagination

During this period, your baby begins to actively explore her world. The senses and newly-gained hand control enable her to explore her surroundings and begin to understand the basic idea of imagination.

Telling the Difference between Objects

At this stage your infant begins to differentiate between things. For example, when she shakes a particular toy, she hears a bell ring, but with another toy, there is no sound. In this process, she slowly learns that each object has its own unique characteristics. Having said that, her memory is still quite limited. For example, after she has learned how to make a certain rattle ring, she will be able to repeat the action a few days later. However, if she is given a different rattle, she will have to learn how to use it from scratch.

Object Permanence: Stepping Stone to Imagination

Another cognitive ability that begins to develop at this stage is object permanence. This means that your baby begins to understand that an object which has disappeared from her view continues to exist in another place. This understanding is imperative for later emotional development and growth and is an important stepping stone in developing the ability to imagine: being able to think of something even when it is out of your sight.

Tiny Tips

  • When your baby tries to bang a toy, grasp it or do other things with it, encourage him and praise what he is doing.


  • Grasps and shakes toys.
  • Puts objects into his mouth for exploration.
  • Enjoys playing with people.