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Strolling along the path of developmental fun with sunny smile
  • Caters to two stages of development: Batting and sensory exploration (0m+) Pulling for cause & effect learning (5m+).
  • Flexible arch bends forwards, backwards, up and down.
  • 6 different baby-activated toys for fun on-the-go.
0-12 months
  • Cognition
  • Imagination & Creativity
  • Senses
  • Cognition*

Sunny Stroll

0-3 months

During the first three months, your baby needs stimuli for watching and focusing. Stimuli should be placed at an optimal distance (8-12 inches) and should have some movement.

2-4 month

As he lies on his back facing the toys hanging within arm's reach, baby can gaze in the mirror, at the shining sun or the toys dangling in front of him.

4-6 months

Baby’s developing senses and hand control allows him to reach out to the toys confidently, bat at them, hold them and pull them to his mouth for further exploration


Flexible arch with angle adjustment


Universal attachment clip

The flexibility of Sunny Stroll allows you to moderate the level of stimulation offered by simply adjusting the stimuli within baby’s field of vision. 

Reducing Stimulation

If your baby seems restless or uncomfortable (crying, fussing or averting his gaze), distance the arch and reconnect it or remove the sun and the butterfly. You could also fold the arch in a way that allows baby to focus on just one or two of the toys.

Increasing Stimulation

If your baby seems bored or uninterested, draw the arch closer to her (8-12in/20-25cm away) and adjust its position so that the toys are within baby’s reach. Baby will be able to hit the toys with her hands and, later on, grab them with ease. To draw her attention, pull the handle to make the flower spin.  

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Review by Crissa Robertson
Posted on 11/9/2012
My son loves this! We use it on his carseat carrier when we go to the store, on the stroll during morning runs, and on his bouncer while he waits for mom to get ready in the morning. He seriously LOVES it...the crinkly butterflys and sun, the call that spin the pinwheel and his a jingle bell in it, and the mirror....everything! This is a HUGE bang for your buck!

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