• Grip and squeeze musical toy
  • Extra loops for adding toys
  • Toys can be rearranged moved around
  • Toys are equipped with long legs for easy access and grip
  • May be lowered or raised to any angle as desired
  • Imagination & Creativity

Take-Along Arch™

Flexible activity arch for stroller or baby carrier - a perfect companion on-the-go
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1-2 months

In order to develop their visual focus, babies of 1-2 months of age need visual stimulation and movement placed at the optimal distance from their eyes – 8-12 inches (20-30 cm).

2-3 months

Baby will strike the toys by chance. By the end of the fourth month, baby will do so on purpose, stirring the toy and causing it to sway.

Easily fits strollers or baby carriers

The flexibility of the Take-Along Arch allows you to moderate the level of stimulation offered by simply adjusting the stimuli within baby’s field of vision and reach. 

Reducing Stimulation

If your baby seems restless or uncomfortable (crying, fussing or averting her gaze), remove some of the dangling toys, leaving only one.

Increasing Stimulation

If your baby seems bored or uninterested, activate the musical snail toy to draw his attention or hang another toy from the extra ring. Adjust the arch so that the toys are within baby’s reach. Baby will be able to hit the toys with his hands and, later on, grab them with ease, exploring their texture and developing his tactile sense. To keep him interested, change the position of the toys.

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