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Tiny Hug Carrier - Black

Tiny Hug Carrier - Black

  • Tiny Hug Video

    Tiny Hug Video

Innovative and stylish one-piece baby carrier that redefines simplicity
NOTE: The Tiny Hug Carrier is not available in North America (US/CA)


  • Just click & go! Allows parents to independently secure baby before lifting - takes only one parent to use safely.
  • Front & back carry options: Choose between carrying baby on the front or the back from as early as 4 months.
  • 3 ergonomic leg positions that offer unique pelvic support for 3 different stages: newborns, babies and toddlers.
  • One-piece baby carrier: The carrier’s simple 2-strap, 2-buckle structure simplifies the process of placing baby in carrier.
  • Suitable from 0-36 Months: Easily carry your baby in the front position from birth to 12 months and in the back position from 4-36 months.
  • Classic & elegant black fabric
0-36 months
Product Video
Watch our detailed product video to learn all about the Tiny Hug Carrier and see it in action
3 Ergonomic Leg Positions
Take a look at our leg positions video to see the age appropriate position for your child.
Securing Baby
Watch our instructions video on how to safely secure and lift your baby using the baby carrier.
Baby in Back Position
Watch our instructions video on how to safely place baby in the back position of the baby carrier.
Toddler in Back Position
Watch our instructions video on how to safely place toddler in the back position of the Tiny Hug Carrier starting from a standing position.
3 Ergonomic leg positions

Newborn Stage (0-2 months): Secure baby in the carrier with his knees tucked in the fetal position. This is the most natural position for a newborn baby which will make him feel safe and soothed.

Frog-Leg Position (0+ months): Place baby in a frog leg position with her feet down. This healthy posture minimizes the pressure on baby’s pelvis.

Waist-Hugging Position (4+ months): Placing baby in the carrier with his legs hugging your waist distributes baby’s weight evenly and makes carrying baby easier as his weight increases.

View our detailed Leg Positions Video to learn more. 

Just Click & Go
Secure baby in the carrier before placing her on your front or back. Our unique design means that one parent can handle adjusting the carrier to his or her body without an extra pair of hands.
Carrying baby is an important part of establishing a bond. The Tiny Hug Carrier lets parents stay close to baby while leaving them free to do other things. Tiny Love’s unique back position design allows you to safely carry baby on your back from as early as 4 months, giving you more freedom from an earlier stage. The Tiny Hug Carrier simply redefines simplicity.
Download detailed product instructions

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