Variety of textures and fabrics
Themed sounds and tunes
Crinkly peek-a-boo elements
Electronic pointer activates sounds and lights
  • Baby-activated electronic, lighted pointer activates sounds
  • Encourages baby to interact with characters
  • Develops fine motor skills by allowing exploration of different textures
  • Fosters the understanding of cause and effect
6-18 months
  • Imagination & Creativity
  • Language & Communication
  • Senses

Tiny Princess™ Electronic Book

A multitude of fun, stimulating activities bundled in this magical electronic book
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6-12 months

Ask "where's the bunny?" and touch the bunny's touch point with the electronic butterfly to produce the bunny's sound. Play peek-a-boo with the different peek-a-boo games in the electronic book

12-18 months

Show your little one the different scenes – point to the objects and name them: "This is a bee...This is a flower..." Describe the scenes that take place on each page, and ask her to describe a scene.

The book features 3 different scenes, each with its own set of characters and implied story

The Tiny Princess Electronic Book includes a wealth of stimulation. Moderate your baby’s exposure to the stimuli by activating or deactivating the electronic feature. The book encourages fun interaction and bonding between you and your baby. This interaction plays an important role in the process of sensory regulation and helps baby focus her attention. 

Reducing Stimulation

If you feel your baby needs time to get used to unfamiliar stimulations, deactivate the electronic feature and introduce baby to the non-electronic elements. For example, point to the various animal and call them by their name while encouraging baby to explore and touch the fabric. After baby gets used to the book you can add the electronic audio feature.

Increasing Stimulation

If your baby needs a lot of stimulation, use the electronic feature and add your own vocal feedback to bring the book to life. Imitate the sounds, play peek-a-boo, etc. 

Did you know?

Some babies exhibit fear from certain sounds. Introduce new sounds only after establishing familiarity with the toy and while holding your baby. Note that not all features are liked by all babies.

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Review by patricia mendes
Posted on 11/13/13
boa noite! gostaria de comprar o livro cor de rosa como posso fazer? a que loja devo ir,ou vocês vendem através do site? atentamentd

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