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Why Isn't my Baby getting a Good Night’s Sleep?

Baby Waking Up
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  • Baby Waking Up

    Main Reasons for Baby Waking Up

    • Circadian Rhythms – Popularly referred to as the “inner body clock”, the circadian rhythms establish our 24 hour day cycle. Newborns acquire this daily rhythm over time and establish it at different ages and stages. 
    • Mastering Motor skills – When babies reach dramatic milestones like learning to stand, crawl or walk, their sleep often becomes disrupted. So, if baby pulls himself to a standing position in bed even though he’s dropping with tiredness, you’ll know why. 
    • Separation Anxiety – When separation anxiety begins, sleeping patterns can become disrupted. This will pass once your little one becomes more familiar with the changes she is experiencing. Make sure you stick to the bedtime routines and rules you have set while comforting her. 
    • Fever, Ear Infection, Teething and other Medical Issues – Physical factors might also be the cause of your baby’s lack of sleep. Make sure you consult with your pediatrician if you suspect a physical issue is the cause of sleeplessness.

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