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Corporate Ethics

Corporate Ethics
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  • We stick to high standards of ethics - worldwide.

    Sticking to high standards of ethics

    Tiny Love® is committed to conducting its business in accordance with a high standard of business ethics and in full compliance with all applicable international laws. To that end, we seek business partners that share our commitment to promoting best business practices in every country in which we operate.

  • Uncompromising about ethical, legal labor practices

    We insist that labor practices conform to health and safety standards and child labor laws, as well as address all the other important criteria that define fairness in gainful employment, such as wages, benefits and working hours. Moreover, Tiny Love® insists that employees working for sub-contractors be allowed to join labor organizations that ensure and protect their legal rights. Discrimination in hiring practices based on race, religious affiliation, or nationality is strictly prohibited.

  • We insist on compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

    We insist on compliance with environmental laws

    Tiny Love® also maintains that all its vendors comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations that are in effect in their respective countries.

  • Making sure vendors adhere to our ethics

    We don’t merely demand that this code of conduct be adhered to – we enforce it. All Tiny Love® vendors are required to maintain current, detailed records to enable us to determine that they are in full compliance with this code and make these records available to our representatives upon request.