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The Importance of Mom's Sleep - Tips

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  • Getting Some Sleep

    Baby magazines and blogs are flooded with confessions of sleep-deprived moms who paint the picture of exhaustion which characterizes the lives of parents to newborn babies. With all the excitement about baby, who becomes the focus of your life, you can’t afford forgetting about your own wellbeing. To cope with the demands of parenthood you need a healthy routine that includes nourishing food, fresh air, exercise and sleep. The circumstances may be though and the laundry may be mounting but you must do what you can do get some sleep!

  • Sleep Tips

    Sleep Tips for the Sleep-deprived Parent

    •  Sleep when Your Baby Sleeps: It may seem impossible, but this popular piece of advice is actually worth following. Even just lying down and resting can help fill up those empty energy reserves. 
    • Don’t Disturb Baby’s Sleep: Your newborn baby fell asleep at 9 a.m. and has been sleeping since for 3 hours. What do you do? Wait for her to wake up! If your baby is sleeping peacefully it means she is comfortable. 
    • Let Friends and Family Help Out: Allow granny or a good friend to take over while you get some rest. Getting a rest will help make the time you spend with your little one afterwards that much more peaceful and rewarding. 
    • Don’t Try to Get Everything Done While Baby Sleeps: You’ll just fold the laundry, make a few phone calls and tidy the mess in the kitchen before you put your feet up, right? Wrong! Sleep first and then do what you can in the time left. 
    • Wind Down: To make sure you fall asleep easily, take some time to enjoy a cup of tea, read a book, watch something on TV or do something relaxing that will prepare you for sleep.

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