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Quality & Safety

Quality & Safety
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  • High quality & safety standards

    Testing our products for quality & safety every step of the way

    Our Quality & Safety Assurance Team is involved in every stage of a toy's development, and throughout the manufacturing process as well. Our toys meet the most stringent international safety standards, and are constantly and continually tested to make sure they comply with those standards. Our quality assurance and safety program also includes spot-check testing on a regular basis to make sure that our products are always Tiny Love-safe –not just at standard certification time.

  • We comply with international safety standards

    Our toys comply with the safety standards and other regulations and requirements of the following geographical areas:

    • USA - (ASTM standards) either Federal (mandatory) or not, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) 
    • CANADA – toy and juvenile product regulations
    • European Toy Safety Directive and other juvenile directives or standards
    • Australian toy and relevant juvenile standards
    • Japanese Food Sanitation Standard
    • Additional local regulations.

  • The tests our products undergo

    The tests our products undergo

    Each toy is submitted to a specially certified lab where it is put through a rigorous series of tests to make sure it complies to the tested standard for that particular type of toy.

    Most standards include at least the following tests:

    • Mechanical hazards test: Tests the safety and sturdiness of a toy including making sure that there are no sharp edges, small parts, sharp points, pinching or puncture hazards etc. which may harm a child. 
    • Flammability tests: Tests the burn rate of certain materials and make sure they are within the standard's requirements. 
    • Lead content tests: Make sure the product meets the lead content requirement of the CPSC "ban of lead-containing paint and certain consumer products bearing lead-containing paint." 
    • Heavy metals analysis tests: Make sure that there are no toxic levels of certain elements present in the toy. 
    • Labeling and age grading requirements: Products are evaluated to make sure that packaging and products are appropriately labeled with respect to minimum age for intended use and any special warnings, which may apply to that particular type of toy. 

    These are but a few of the tests our products are put through before they reach the store shelf. We make products we would give our own children Most of us who work at Tiny Love® are parents ourselves, and whenever we develop a new toy, the first question we all inevitably ask is, "would I give this toy to my child?" Needless to say, only an unequivocal "yes" gets to move on to the next phase.