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Engaging play mat that is a playground of developmental fun and discovery
  • Fun world-theme and cute animal figures inspire a variety of stories and activities
  • Playing on the mat with baby helps strengthen the bond between child and parent
  • Extra large mat offers plenty of room to play
  • Easy to fold & carry
  • Mat Size: 100X150CM-39X59IN
0+ months
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Imagination & Creativity

Discover the World Mat

1-3 months
Lie next to your baby, cuddle him, talk to him. Enjoy the opportunity to get to know each other.
2-6 months
Encourage your baby to lie on her tummy by placing her facing one of the cute animals. Point to it and say: "Here’s a big elephant!", while crinkling the elephant's big ear to draw baby’s attention.
As baby grows, use the animal figures and world theme to make up fun stories that will engage baby and help expand his vocabulary while enjoying some one-on-one quality time with Mom or Dad.
Let baby enjoy independently while practicing tummy time.
Encourage older babies to explore various activities in a seated position.
Bond through play - enjoy this mat together with your child.
Pack up and take the baby mat along with you.

The large, colorful surface offers baby a wide space for motor and sensory experimenting, whether lying on her tummy, on her back or practicing rolling over. Stimulating the different senses helps develop babies' balance, coordination, posture, etc. It also helps increase babies’ control over their body.

Reducing Stimulation
If your baby seems restless or uncomfortable, lie beside her and help her get used to this open new playing environment. Focus her attention on one of the features: the giraffe, the whale, the polar bear etc. If baby still seems overwhelmed, try adjusting the level of stimulation by concealing some of the features with a soft bib.
Increasing Stimulation
If your baby seems bored or uninterested, place her in front of the more eye-catching features, such as the hot-air balloon and its peek-a-boo windows or the elephant, and play with them. Encourage her to explore the various textures on the blanket and place some extra toys within reach.

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