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Uniquely designed mobile that offers extra fun and added value with innovative hide-and-seek developmental motion
  • Unique dual-motion system introduces a new concept to the mobile category: magical hide-and-seek show that hides and reveals cute animal characters
  • Adorable stand-alone piano with fun light-up feedback engages and amuses babies and toddlers
  • 40 minutes of music include 15 melodies in a variety of musical categories:classical, nature, lullaby, white sound and even reggae
  • Array of fun features packed into one mobile: smiling animal figures, stars & moon nightlight and detachable music box
  • Patented product
0-24+ months
  • Cognition
  • EQ
  • Senses

Dual Motion Developmental Mobile

0-3 months
1. Let baby enjoy the soothing mobile motion while lying in his crib and listening to the mobile's various melodies.
2. Use the soft night-light and selection of calming white noise and lullaby melodies to help baby find his way to fall asleep independently.
3-5 months
Introduce the hide-and-seek developmental mobile motion to engage baby and help her become acquainted with the basic concept of object permanence: things that disappear aren’t gone – they soon reappear!
5+ months
When the time for mobiles is over, let baby enjoy the stand-alone music box and piano. Baby will enjoy exploring this musical toy its fun features and light-up feedback well into toddlerhood.
Set mobile to soothing motion and let baby enjoy watching the colourful animal figures.
Set mobile to hide-and-seek developmental motion and see how baby responds to the disappearance and reappearance of the cute animals.
Remove mobile arm and let baby enjoy as a stand-alone music box and piano. Hang the music box in the crib or let your child enjoy it as an independent musical toy outside the crib.
Use as part of your bedtime routine, playing calm music or white sound while using the stars & moon nightlight.

The Dual Motion Developmental Mobile allows parents to moderate the level of product stimulation to suit their baby’s unique preferences. Activate the movement and music together or introduce baby to just one feature at a time; play all 15 melodies or introduce separately, focusing on the calmer options; enjoy the full mobile experience or remove the overhead arm and use as a music box only.

Reducing Stimulation
If your baby seems uncomfortable or restless (crying, averting her gaze, etc) reduce the level of stimulation. For example, turn the music or one of the motion options on separately and monitor baby’s reaction. Check whether baby shows a preference for a certain tune or one of the two available kinds of motions.
Increasing Stimulation
If your baby seems uninterested or bored, he might need more stimulation. Turn the music and movement on together, trying out the unique hide-and-seek developmental motion for some extra interest. Gradually, reduce the number of stimuli to help baby focus.
Did you know?
Object permanence is a central part of baby's development. The unique hide-and-seek developmental motion of this mobile helps baby understand that an object goes on existing even when you can't see it, thereby encouraging recollection, imagination and more.
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Worldwide registered patents and designs:

Germany – Patent no. 20 2015 102 399
Hong Kong - Patent no. HK 1202217
China – ZL 201520425231.7
USA- Patent No. 9,295,920

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