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Colorful multi-stage bouncer with adjustable arches and fun undersea theme
  • Semi-upright position helps babies explore their surroundings and develop their emotional intelligence from day one
  • 2 reclining positions facilitate a variety of baby activities, including playing and feeding
  • Adjustable arches allow for various play options and make parental access that much easier
  • Baby-activated lights and music stand-alone crab toy promotes independent play
  • Patented product
0-6 months
  • EQ
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Senses

Gymini® Bouncer Under the Sea

0-2 months
During the first weeks of her life, baby's eyesight is limited. Keep the toys close to baby and set the seat to the most reclined position with closed arches to create a comfortable, cozy environment.
3-6 months
Baby can now enjoy the bouncer in full. Encourage him to explore the toys, play with the self-activated musical crab toy or cute turtle rattle.
4-8 months
When just beginning to introduce solids and before baby is sitting up without support, the bouncer is an especially convenient, relaxing place to feed baby or to interact and practice some baby talk.
Choose between 2 reclining positions to support baby's activity and developmental stage
Adjustable arches offer endless play options and easy parental access.
Excellent angle for interacting with baby or feeding baby in the first few weeks of introducing solids.
Remove stand-alone crab toy and attach to baby stroller when going out. This will offer baby a sense of familiarity while out and about.

Moderate the Gymini Bouncer Under the Sea level of stimulation by adjusting the position of the arches and activating or deactivating the product’s various features.

Reducing Stimulation
If baby seems uncomfortable or restless, reduce the level of stimulation by pulling the arches away and deactivating the vibrations. Stroke and soothe your baby while slowly trying to reintroduce the product’s various elements.
Increasing Stimulation
If your baby seems uninterested or bored, increase the level of stimulation while monitoring baby’s reaction. For example, hang the music & lights crab within baby’s field of vision, turn the vibrations on or gently bounce the bouncer.
Did you know?
Some babies love vibrations while others don’t. When you first use this feature, monitor baby’s reaction to establish which it is
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Worldwide registered patents and designs:

EU – Design no. 1677113-0002
USA – Design no. D648,144
Canada - Design no. 134302
China - Design no. ZL201030129396.2
Hong Kong – Design no. 1000387.1
Russia Federation - Design no. 78902
Israel - Design no. 48278

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