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An innovative multi-position Gymini® that offer endless play options
  • Enjoy endless playtime options with the revolutionary arch connector and flexible toy positioning by using the sliding rings
  • Connector itself is an electronic toy - baby pulls the monkey to enjoy feedback in the form of lights and musical tunes
  • Extra large mat allows for more play space
  • Getting baby in and out is hassle-free!
  • An excellent product for extending tummy time
  • Mat Size: 106X114CM / 44.5 X41.5IN
  • Patented product
0-12 months
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Senses

Gymini® Move & Play

1-3 months

Place baby on his tummy, facing the mirror: his intriguing reflection will encourage him to extend tummy time.

3-6 months

Move the hanging baby toys to the appropriate distance from baby's palm, so that when they raise their hand - they can hit the toy, or later, grasp it with ease.


Overhead baby gym


Raised, closed borders


Share some playtime along with your baby


Changes and grows with your baby, adjusting to development


Tummy-time fun

Moderate the level of stimulation offered by the Gymini Move & Play by moving the arches and toys away or towards baby and turning the lights & music feature on or off.

Reducing Stimulation

If baby seems uncomfortable or restless (cries or averts her gaze) reduce the level of stimulation. Leave only one toy in her field of vision, push the arch connector aside and try turning the music off. Stay beside your baby and stroke her gently until she is soothed.

Increasing Stimulation

If baby seem uninterested or bored, he might need more stimulation. Activate the lights & music toy and watch his reaction. Hang up some extra toys on the arches, rattle the toys and see how baby reacts to the noise. Gradually, reduce the number of stimuli to help baby focus.

Stimulating Body Sensation & Control

To stimulate baby’s body sensation and control, place him on his tummy. Tummy time helps babies gain control over their muscles and movement.  Move the arches so that the lights & music toy or mirror are in front of baby. Monitor baby’s reactions and try to see which features he enjoys and which he could do without.

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Worldwide registered patents and designs

USA – Patent no. 8,968,048, Design no. D532239
Germany – Utility Model no. 202011050038.1
Russia Federation - Utility Model no. 114419
China - Utility Model no. ZL 201120215112.0
Hong Kong - Utility Model no.HK 1149166
EU - Design no. 000290879-0001
Canada - Design no. 110164
Japan - Design no. 1270082
Israel – Design no. 40201

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