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Baby's best friend, mom's best helper!
  • Stimulating & engaging break-through changing time toy that occupies your baby while being changed. Made of soft, textured fabric, it transforms diaper changing into a fun and stimulating experience.
  • Complete with a range of developmental features: 6-page multi-sensory book, gentle bouncing movement that responds to baby’s touch, teether, built-in rattle and crinkly ears.
  • 2 modes of attachment allow you to attach Kangy to changing table and play yards with a special detachable connector or place on a flat surface using extra stand.
  • As baby grows, the changing time toy transforms into a cuddly take-along toy fitted with a front kangaroo pouch that can be used as a pacifier pocket.
0-18+ months
  • Cognition
  • EQ
  • Fine Motor Skills

Kangy Kangaroo Changing Time Toy

0-3 months
Amuse baby with Kangy Kangaroo during those first diaper changes. Bounce the toy gently to entertain baby while you change the diaper or let her take the first attempts at trying to pull the toy by herself.
3-6 months
Let baby explore the fun multi-sensory soft booklet to encourage her cognitive skills while you get the chance to change her diaper hassle-free.
6-9+ months
As baby grows, let her enjoy the product attachment free and play with the familiar changing toy while on the go. Hide the teether or another toy the little kangaroo pouch to help baby begin to learn about object permanence.

Kangy is fitted with a universal detachable connector that fits most changing tables and playpens. Attach as desired to amuse and engage baby while changing diapers or playing in the playpen.


The interchangeable stand lets you place Kangy on any flat surface you like, offering total versatility.


Remove the clip base to turn Kangy into a cuddly toy that is perfect as a take-along and includes features that help encourage your growing baby's cognitive development.

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