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Easy-to-grasp double-sided smiley flower rattle
  • Especially easy for young babies to grab and hold.
  • Engaging mirror and fun teether.
  • Cute flowery rattle with a smiling expression.
  • Adorable pretty pink flower design.
0-6 months
  • Cognition
  • Fine Motor Skills

My First Rattle-Flower

1-3 months

It may be hard for baby to willfully grasp objects at this stage. When you hand her My First Rattle-Flower, wait a little bit to allow her to close her fingers around the ring in a firm grasp.

3-6 months

Offer the rattle to your baby to help develop his grasp.

Baby discovers the world through her hands and mouth during her first year. The baby rattle's textures and colors, along with the large, smiling face that appears on it, provide rich sensory stimulation that encourages baby's sense of sight. 

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