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Meet the Experts

Tiny Love ® is a developmental expert who enjoys the support and guidance of prominent specialists in various fields. We seek to evaluate our products from every possible angle and make sure they contribute to baby’s physical and emotional development and growth. These are the experts who help us do just that!

Our Experts
Dr. Erhard-Weiss

Dr. Erhard-Weiss

Developmental Psych...

Dr. Eli Antman

Dr. Eli Antman


Michal Noam

Michal Noam

Physical Therapist

Orly Zalel

Orly Zalel

Developmental Music...

Daleet Silberberg Occupational Therapist

Daleet Silberberg

Occupational Therap...

Prof. Esther Dromi

Prof. Dromi

Scientist Language ...

Expert Videos

Getting to Know Your Baby

Observing your baby's behaviour through various activities will give you real insight into your baby's experience of the world and reveal the best ways to encourage his development. Tiny Love's developmental psychologist, Dr. Erhard-Weiss, shares her tips, ideas and insights in this video.

Getting to Know Your Baby 01:16
Baby Development & Playtime 01:42
Helping Baby Focus with Baby Toys 02:06
 Bonding and Singing 01:42
Bonding & Baby Toys 01:29
Bonding & Music 01:40
Tummy Time & Rolling Over 02:07
Baby Sitting Up 01:29
Standing Up: A Major Milestone 01:19