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A fun ball that delights the senses, awakens curiosity and fine tunes motor skills
  • Appealing multi-sensory stimulation
  • Mirrored internal side panels create intriguing reflections
  • Rainbow-colored "slices" help develop color differentiation
  • Surprise smiling face hiding inside!
0-18+ months
  • Cognition
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Senses


6-8 months

When baby's lying on his tummy, roll the ball on the floor, and encourage your baby to reach his arm out to catch the ball.

8-12 months

Hold the ball in your hands, cover the face image with the colorful slices, ask, "where's the face?", and reveal it again. This is an intriguing peek-a-boo game for baby.

The texture, in the form of little bumps on the slices, invites baby to grasp and touch them, and to feel the difference between the rough external surface and the smooth internal surfaces, thereby helping develop baby's cognitive skills.


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