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Clever Tiny Love on the go creation that gives baby a cozy feel of home both indoors & outdoors
  • Incredibly easy to fold & carry.
  • Requires no assembly.
  • Perfect both for indoor & outdoor use.
  • Features fun bouncing movements.
  • Stylishly designed in all-natural green and comes with a bonus carry bag.
0-6 months
  • EQ
  • Senses

Take-Along Bouncer™ - Green

0-3 months

Take advantage of the Take Along Bouncer’s semi-upright position to enjoy some quality face-to-face bonding time with your baby. Talk to your baby, sing songs, make faces or just enjoy some quiet gazing time with baby. Keep in mind that baby’s eyesight is still limited at this stage.

3-6 months

Let baby enjoy the bouncer’s relaxing bouncing movement both indoors and outdoors. The bouncer offers babies a new outlook on the world around them and can be especially engaging in the fresh air.


Place you baby inside the bouncer and let him enjoy the fun bouncing movements.


Fold the bouncer and carry it with ease wherever you go.


Setting the bouncer up is hassle free as it requires no assembly!


The bouncer puts baby in a semi-upright position, giving her a fresh new view of his surroundings and allowing some fun face-to-face interaction with his favorite grownups.

Every baby has a different kind of response to the environment and a unique sensory threshold. Monitor baby’s reactions when arriving somewhere new and adjust the use of the product accordingly.

Reducing Stimulation

If your baby seems uncomfortable or restless turn the bouncer so baby is facing you so he can see your familiar faces. Gradually let him take in the surroundings.

Increasing Stimulation

If baby seems bored or uninterested, create gentle bouncing movements for her to enjoy or point the various things around you that baby can see or hear, calling them by name. For example, “Look at that big tree!”

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