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Soothing mobile featuring fetching design, soft colors and continuous music
  • Soft design and features gently encourage the development of baby's senses
  • 5 different tunes and 30 minutes of continuous music offer variety and consistency
  • Soothing colors that will appeal to both young babies and their parents
  • Excellent value for money
0-5 months
  • EQ
  • Senses

Tiny Friends Lullaby Mobile

0-3 months

  • Let baby enjoy the soothing motion and soft design while lying in her crib and listening to the continuous music.

  • Play the mobile's melodies at bedtime to help baby find her way of falling asleep without your help.

3-5 months
Enjoy hearing baby coo and babble as she looks at the cute animal figures overhead while you get a bit of me time.
Use as part of your bedtime routine to soothe baby and help her realize it is time to sleep.
Place baby in the crib and let him enjoy the 30 minutes of continuous music while watching the rotating soft animals.
Did you know?
A daily routine helps baby adjust to the world around her. Including the Lullaby Mobile in baby’s bedtime routine will create consistency at bedtime and comfort baby as she falls asleep.

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