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Adorable aquatic-themed tummy time play mat & pillow
  • Fun crab-shaped pillow supports baby on her tummy and encourages head lifting
  • Engaging aquatic-themed features encourage bonding through play
  • Stand-alone mirror will stimulate baby and draw his attention
  • Colorful fun-filled design will appeal to both baby and parent
0-6 months
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Senses

Tummy Time Fun: Under the Sea

1-3 Months
Place your baby on her tummy. Monitor her responses. When she gets restless, turn her onto her side or back.
3-6 Months
Place your baby on his tummy in front of the mirror, so that he can gaze at his reflection.
Use cute tummy time pillow to support baby through tummy time.
Play with stand-alone mirror to keep baby engaged while on his tummy.

Moderate the level of stimulation offered by Under the Sea by adjusting the product’s visual stimulations. You can stimulate baby’s body sensation and control by placing him on his tummy.

Stimulating Sensation

To stimulate baby’s body sensation and control, place baby on his tummy. Position baby in front of the mirror and tap it to draw his attention. Encourage him to lift his head up or point out the crab’s clearly-defined features. 

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