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In Focus: Newborn in the House

Newborn in the House
You left the house as a couple and now you’re back at home with one adorable, little addition that will turn your life around. Babies may mostly sleep, eat and poop in the first few months, but the change baby will make to your life is substantial, even overwhelming. Knowing a little more about the habits of newborns may help you handle these first few days and slowly get used to this dramatic and wonderful change in your life. Take a look at our tips for brand new parents and parents-to-be.
Newborn Tips for First Time Parents

While Baby Sleeps: Many newborns sleep a lot! Use this convenient fact to get some sleep yourself , spend some quality time with your hubby or do something fun.


Feeding Frequency: Newborns' feeding patterns can be quite irregular at first. Let your newborn feed on demand and try creating more of a routine later on.


Easing Diaper Changing: Many newborns howl through diaper changing. Try placing a soft bib on bare areas, playing a musical toy or singing while changing their diaper.


Keeping Company: Invite family members over or set up dates with other young parents. Spending time with other moms or dads can be both fun and useful.


Dressing Your Newborn: Choose soft, comfortable clothes for your newborn baby, keeping more trendy outfits for when he’s a little older.

Baby's First Year of Life

Watch this amazing 6 minute video to get a glimpse into all you can expect during your child's first year of life

Newborn Information