Wonder Buddies

We'll help your toddler develop. The fun way

We will help your one-year-old develop and… become their best friends. We've got these super smart sensors and seven fun-filled, interactive activities.

Let's play peek-a-boo and do other fun fun fun things.

Hide me
Tickle me
Feed me
Bounce me
Touch my nose
Put me to bed
Shake me
Interactive play
Develops communication, cognition, creativity, imagination & more
7 play cards inside
A smart buddy
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We were created with Tiny Love's team of super smart baby development experts who made sure we would perfectly fit your one-year-old.

And here's why:

Peek-a-boo is a 1-year-old’s ultimate fun game


Engaging play patterns teach 1-year-olds cause and effect


It's just the right size for toddler’s little hands


Designed for both independent play and with mom and dad


Various activities teach 1-year-olds daily skills


Develops communication, cognition, creativity, emotions, and more

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Check out our play cards.

They’ll make storytelling sooooooo much more fun and creative.

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