Language selection

The mental process through which we understand the world around us; learning, remembering, drawing conclusions and more.

Emotional Intelligence

The social and emotional skills that make up our character and enable us to function and interact with others.

Fine Motor Skills

Developing the body’s small muscles enables baby to grasp objects, perfect hand-eye coordination, speak and more.

Gross Motor Skills

Developing the body’s large muscles facilitates head lifting, rolling over, crawling, sitting, walking and more.

Imagination & Creativity

The skills that allow us to produce images, ideas, thoughts and even feelings that do not exist in reality and account for our ability to improvise and solve problems.

Language & Communication

The ability to communicate thoughts and emotions both verbally and non-verbally, sharing our world with others.

The Senses

Sight, sound, touch, smell and taste enable us to gather and process information from the world around us

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