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Colorful & engaging on the go mobile that goes everywhere with baby
  • Fits pack & plays, travel cots, infant carriers, strollers and bassinets
  • 30 minutes of continuous music and 5 different tunes
  • Designated connector for each baby gear product
  • Adorable toys that give baby a sense of familiarity while on-the-go
  • Patented product
0-6 months
  • EQ
  • Language & Communication
  • Senses

Take-Along Mobile™

0-3 months

From a very young age, babies will appreciate the sense of security and continuity invoked by taking this mobile along everywhere they go.

3-5 months

Call out the figurines by name to start building baby’s vocabulary: “Where is the lion? Here! Where is the hippo? There!”


Attach the Take-Along Mobile to your infant carrier.


Attach it to your baby's pack & play when travelling.


Hang it on your little one's stroller for some fun and engagement on-the-go.

The Take-Along Mobile allows parents to moderate level of stimulation by choosing between the various audio and visual features. 

Reducing Stimulation

If baby seems uncomfortable or restless (cries or averts her gaze), reduce the level of stimulation. Turn the mobile music off leaving movement only. If baby still seems restless, deactivate the movement and let her enjoy the hanging toys. 

If the mobile is connected to the stroller and baby’s signs of discomfort appear when the stroller is in motion, remove the mobile while moving and reattach when you reach your destination.

Increasing Stimulation

If baby isn’t responding to the mobile, lightly rock the pram or baby carrier to prompt baby to notice the toy.

Did you know?

The repetitive quality of the mobile’s movement and sound can help relax babies who usually need a lot of stimulation.

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Worldwide registered patents and designs:

EU – Design no. 1257539-001/0003
USA – Design no. D695,846

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