Wonder Buddies

A smart buddy can do wonders for your toddler’s development

A smart buddy can do wonder for your toddler’s development

Equipped with smart sensors and seven fun filled interactive activities, the Wonder Buddies will not only boost your one-year-old’s development, they’ll also become best friends

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We created this smart toy with our team of experts to perfectly match your one-year-old’s developmental needs. Here’s how:

Based on our unique developmental system

Match both Independent play or with mom and dad


Various play patterns that teach daily skills


Develop communication, cognition creativity, emotions, and more


Peek a boo is the ultimate game for – year- old's


Play patterns that teach 1-year-olds cause and effect


It's just the right size that fits toddler's palms

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Wonder buddies-

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Make your storytelling more creative and fun

with the 7 complimentary play cards.

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